I just spent the last 3 days in New York city. It is one of those places that you see all the time on tv, and you feel like you have to go there, climb the empire state, visit times square, and soak up the atmosphere.

And I did all that, and yet I left feeling a little flat. New York is an amazing city, but the reality doesn’t quite live up to the hype. I always felt safe, and the sight seeing was awesome but it was completely let down by how dirty the city is.

Of all of the cities in the world I have visited, this is the only one where garbage bags are piled up on the street, and the streets themselves never appear to get cleaned. Basically I felt like we were walking through a garbage dump.

To sum it up, the greatest city in the world is being ruined by it’s lack of preaentation. The look and smell of garbage in the streets, overflowing into the gutters and drowning out the smell of kebabs and hot dogs means this is one of the places I will never visit again for a holiday.

On the plus side, the cops were fantastic, and everyone else we met was wonderful too. Nice people, nice town, but the illusion has been shattered.

Some good things. We stayed at “The Gershwin” hotel on East 27St. Awesome simple hotel. Got invited onto a TV show (and declined because it was on Fox). Walked through Central Park, which was AMAZING