If you have a MacBook Air and you have a Windows 7 PC or Laptop, getting Remote Disc working to remotely use your Windows 7 DVD Drive can be a frustrating experience.

A default install and configuration of the Apple software on your PC will allow your Macbook air to see the drive, but not access any of the content. An error appears saying “the original item cannot be found”.

I spent an hour trying to figure it out, and it turns out that  the Windows 7 Firewall is blocking your MacBook air from accessing the software on your PC.

As a result, I have documented below the detailed process for sharing your Windows 7 DVD drive with your MacBook air.

1 – On your Windows 7 PC download and install CD and DVD Sharing from Apple:

2 – Enable CD and DVD Sharing.

Start by going to Control Panel and Clicking on Hardware and Sound

Then click on “DVD or CD Sharing Options”

When the dialogue appears you can select the top box (and if you want security prompts you can select the second box)

3 – Now you need to allow the Remote Disk software through your firewall

Start by  going back to the control panel and clicking on system security

Then choose “Allow a program through the Windows Firewall”

Select “Change Settings”, and then “Allow another Program”

Select Browse




Browse to C:\Program Files (X86)\DVD or CD Sharing
select OSDAgent.exe and click Open

Then click on Add at the next screen


Review the settings (Home/Work) should suffice and click ok

Now if you go to your MacBook air, you should be able to access the remote disc correctly through Finder.