Just under a decade ago I built my first silent PC for a friend of mine. The PC was for his music studio, so silence was important. The time has come for a new build, and this time the objective was to build a “near” silent computer that can be installed in his audio rack.

I could easily have got a quieter PSU, and a heavier case to block more noise, but my objective is for this to be light in a rack, and last the distance.

Gallery after the break.

The components:

Lian Li PC-C32B
Gigabyte H67A-UD3H-B3
Noctua NH-U9B
Seasonic X560w
2 x Seagate 2Tb HDDs
2 x Kingston 4GB memory
Pioneer DVR218L
Windows 7 Professional 64Bit


Under full prime 95 for 30 minutes the temperature maxed out at 46c in 24 ambient.